Month: October 2022

Do I need a QDRO to divide an IRA?

The short answer is most likely! IRA division covers any individual provided IRA (Traditional, Rollover, or Roth) and any employer provided IRA (SEP, SARSEP, or Simple). A non-taxable IRA to IRA transfer in divorce is governed by IRC §§ 408(d)(6). An IRA division can be handled in the divorce judgment or in a separate IRC […]

How QDROCounsel Is Changing Family Law & The Pension Division Landscape

QDROCounsel, as a legal technology company for retirement division, provides divorce professionals and individuals with QDROs and QDRO Support on a case by case basis. The website is founded by leading national QDRO attorneys and Valuation experts. Our state-of-the-art tools and algorithms are designed to help customers create and draft the documents needed in their […]

Do I need a Life Insurance QDRO?

The short answer is “it can’t hurt!” The law regarding the division of life insurance is state specific. If the parties agree or the court so orders the division of life insurance to preserve a participant’s former spouse, child or dependent, then the award should be in the divorce judgment or legal separation. A divorce […]