Changing Family Law & The Pension Division Landscape

QDROCounsel is an innovative divorce and pension division strategy company that provides divorce professionals and judges with the assistance and case management tools needed to handle retirement benefit division from discovery to judgment on a case by case basis. The website is founded by leading QDRO and Valuation experts and provides QDROs, Valuations and Pension Division Case Management Tools.

The founders include QDRO experts Louise Nixon, Esq., John Madden and Matt Schwartz. Throughout their combined 70 plus years working as QDRO experts, they have searched for a way to empower family law attorneys and other divorce professionals, financial professionals, mediators and judges to handle the complex process of retirement division from discovery to judgment.

Our state-of-the-art tools and algorithms are designed to help customers create and draft the documents needed in their cases, including Judgment language, QDROs and Valuations automatically. The QDROCounsel platform has instructions and tools to divide private plans, state plans (e.g. CalPERS and CalSTRS), federal plans (CSRS and FERS), military plans, IRAs, life insurance and more.

Our forms are NOT one size fits all. They are tailored to meet the individual requirements of each plan. Moreover, users will have the ability to understand retirement benefit issues and division specific to each case.

Retirement benefit division can now be an in-house function and revenue generator.

QDROCounsel tools and resources include the following:

  1. Ability to find all retirement plans in your case with the correct plan names and plan contact information
  2. Current and comprehensive plan database (over 155,000) so you will no longer omit plans!
  3. Easy to follow QDRO set-up checklist and client questionnaires to streamline and simplify the entire QDRO preparation process
  4. Automated joinder pleadings for California and Notice of Adverse Interest
  5. A Plan Analysis Tool to properly analyze and understand the potential retirement issues in your cases
  6. A full-service automated suite of valuation tools
  7. Intuitive and easy to use QDRO forms defaulted to the fairest division possible
  8. Explanations of substantive paragraphs in the QDROs for family law attorneys to explain the law to clients
  9. “Neutral Processing QDRO” so both sides know the QDRO division is fair and balanced
  10. Sample letters and forms to complete the QDRO process for preapproval and final approval
  11. Access to industry experts through customer support and a community forum to answer questions and provide commentary
  12. CLE courses, articles and other teaching tools designed to provide timely, relevant and easy to understand information

QDROCounsel is transforming the way that family law attorneys and divorce professionals handle pension division. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of QDRO experts, the company has created the highest quality retirement benefit division work product possible.

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