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What’s Included

We will draft one (Q)DRO, get it approved by the plan administrator, collect parties’ signatures and file it with the court. Additionally, we will file a proof of service with the court and serve the finalized QDRO to the plan administrator.

This package also include drafting judgment language.

Premium Package


If the pension started before marriage then in most cases that property belongs to the member.  Additional fees may apply to determine the marital property. Request a free consultation to get more information and pricing.

Please update your quantity if you have multiple retirement accounts.

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Package includes: one retirement account signed by both parties: (1) Drafting one (Q)DRO (2) Providing General Explanation and Presumptions for the (Q)DRO (3) Drafting divorce judgment language (4) Getting the (Q)DRO preapproved by the plan (if applies), (5) Collecting the parties’ signatures (6) Filing the (Q)DRO with the court and file a proof of service with the court (7) Serving the finalized (Q)DRO on the plan and filing a proof of service with the court

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