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Use QDROCounsel to effectively handle retirement division from discovery through judgment as well as increase your bottom line! You are provided with the how-tos and what-to-dos of retirement division on a case by case basis with expert support. With QC, you have access to QDRO experts in an unprecedented way! QC’s legal technology offers so many tools and solutions in a simple step by step manner.

Other Tools & Resources

QDRO Explanations

QDROCounsel provides explanations on substantive paragraphs so that not only will you understand the QDRO terminology and its significance, but you will be able to explain these terms to your clients. The explanations are specific to your QDRO. And, if you still don’t understand the explanations after reviewing them, contact customer service for additional support!

Letter Templates, Memos & Forms

Interfacing with clients is easy with our extensive library of pre-prepared documents ranging from intake forms, retainer agreements, client memos and more.

Judgment Language

It is critical to make sure that your judgment language not only properly reflect the terms of the divorce but also that the division contemplated in the judgment does not conflict with plan terms or the laws governing the retirement plans. In some cases, failure to properly state the award in a judgment can result in a loss of survivor benefits for the alternate payee. QDROCounsel provides sample paragraphs for a variety of division scenarios. With the help of QDROCounsel’s judgment language, you will be able to craft judgment language appropriate for your case.

Pension Valuation Calculators

Do you need to know the value of a retirement plan? Do you need to figure out what is part of the marital interest and what is separate property in a plan? Are you in settlement talks but you are not sure if the retirement plans should be divided or offset? QDROCounsel provides a full service automated suite of valuation tools to assist you in valuing retirement benefits

Comprehensive Plan Database (155k+)

Our database includes corporate information on over 155,000 qualified defined benefit plans and defined contribution plans that are governed by federal law (“Employee Retirement Income Security Act” commonly referred to as “ERISA”). With this information at your fingertips, you can easily search the database by employer and be provided with a complete list of all retirement plans offered by that employer with contact information. The database also includes nonqualified retirement plans (not governed by ERISA) which are offered to highly paid executives.

We know that family law attorneys are responsible for staying abreast of so many different areas of law within their practice. With QDROCounsel, your entire “best practice” will change. QDROCounsel is founded and backed by a team of nationally recognized QDRO and Valuation experts. Our goal is to make sure that you increase revenue using our products and better serve your clients, your family law courts and your community with QDROCounsel’s resources.


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