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1 Year Cost: $595 per month (Plus one time start-up cost of $400)

Limit of 3 of the following: (Q)DRO Drafting (excluding military) IRA Division Order Calculation/Valuation Judgment Language
Limit of 5 of the following: California Joinders Notice of Adverse Interest

Includes unlimited access to the following resources:

Case Management Tool, Questionnaires, Plan Research, Plan Analysis, Joint and Neutral Processed QDROs, Letter Templates & Forms, (Q)DRO Explanations, Education & Training, Expert Forum, CLE Approved Courses and Customer Support (email).

Overage Charges

$750 per (Q)DRO, IRA, Judgment
$450 per Calculation/Valuation
$150 per Joinder/Notice of Adverse Interest
$875 per Military Domestic Relations Order
$200 per Military Forms
$1250 per Non-Qualified Plan