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Standard Joinders/Notice of Adverse Interest (per Pleading)


Includes per pleading:

  • Drafted joinder pleadings/notice of adverse interest

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California Public Plans and some labor unions require joinder pleadings in order to divide the plan. “Joinder” is a procedure in which the pension plan is made a party to the divorce by filing joinder pleadings. These pleadings formally put the plan on notice that the ex-spouse may have a community property interest against those benefits. It is a requirement of these institutions that joinder pleadings be in place prior to implementing a (Q)DRO.
In order to draft a joinders or notice of adverse interest, QDROCounsel will need the following:

  • Legal names of both parties
  • Confirmation of whether the hourly attorney consultation is as a neutral with both parties splitting the fees

It is the responsibility of the parties to have the pleadings filed with the court and served on the plan.

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