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Please update your quantity if you have multiple retirement accounts.

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Includes the following for one retirement account:

(1) Drafting one (Q)DRO

(2) Providing General Explanation and Presumptions for the (Q)DRO

(3) Obtaining preapproval from the Plan (if applies)


QC will provide instructions but the parties are solely responsible for the following:

(1) Filing the (Q)DRO with the Court

(2) Serving the (Q)DRO on the plan and filing a proof of service with the court.


Services above do not apply to dividing Military & Federal Employee (FERS/CSRS) pensions.  If the pension started before marriage then in most cases that property belongs to the member.  Additional fees may apply to determine the marital property. Request a free consultation to get more information and pricing.

Additional fees for all Services apply for the following: (1) (Q)DRO Expert Review (required when court appointed expert), (2) Determining the marital interest (e.g. if the pension started before marriage then the marital interest may need to be determined to draft the (Q)DRO) (3) Consulting about the (Q)DRO and/or revising the (Q)DRO with a QC (Q)DRO expert.  If you desire any of these additional services, please add this item to your cart and visit our Additional Services page.